Settlement, Further & Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK

At Zuvatu we understand the huge importance of family life. We specialise in assisting families with visa issues inside and outside the UK, where one or another family member is a non-EEA national.

The process of visa entry/further leave to remain/indefinite leave to remain can seem daunting when all you want is to be together. Not only do our immigration experts have a deep understanding of the law and procedures in family migration in the UK, they have personal family experience in this area.

Non-EEA unmarried and married partners are able to join their UK settled partners subject to the various criteria laid down on the UK Immigration Rules. Without specialist advice and representation it is easy to fall foul of the rules.

The cost implications of an unsuccessful application are stark. The current Home Office Application fee alone for a Partner/Spouse settlement application is in excess of £1200. Whilst it may be that the NHS surcharge is refundable in an unsuccessful application, the fee itself is not.

There are several categories in this route to settlement, each with specific requirements and potentially differing grants of leave to remain. There are minimum income requirements, which can be demonstrated in a number of ways and not just the infamous £18,600 annual salary level. Basic English Language demonstrated by Home Office approved tests, TB tests and minimum standards of accommodation also apply.

What is certain is that getting your application right is of huge importance to you and your family. We strongly recommend you get in touch with us to get the right advice and representation.